How to Improve Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the largest business networking platforms used by professionals. Having a solid LinkedIn is crucial to the hiring and networking processes. It allows you to write down your experience and education, as well as alert recruiters and managers when you are in the market for a job. LinkedIn allows you to build yourself digitally and professionally, all while maintaining your personality throughout the profile. Here are some tips to help you revamp your profile:

Update Your Profile

Your profile picture is important because it’s the first impression that recruiters and companies will be given. The photo should be a headshot of yourself with appropriate clothing and background. Your previous and current experience should also be updated and customized because it allows someone to view it easily and efficiently. Education is equally important to put on your profile because it can connect you to others that went to the same school, further making more connections and expanding your network.

Stay Active on LinkedIn

Posting articles and liking posts that interest you will also show engagement and interests to your network. These articles should be career or industry related and involve advice and tips for leadership and job experience. Staying consistent with posts will keep your profile on other’s news feed and will make your profile unique.

Constantly Connect with People You Know

It’s important to connect with everyone you know because these connections open up a new network of contacts that you could potentially meet and add to your own network. You can get people to introduce you to their connections and start building professional relationships.

Use the Space on Your Profile

The summary space at the center of your profile gives you the opportunity to write anything you would like others to see. It should be a brief description that discusses the basics of yourself and experience, what you currently do at the position you’re at, or background of the company you work for now. Make sure you’re using key words that will stand out to recruiters. Even if you aren’t looking for a job, it’s still always a good idea to use terms that will draw attention to your position and industry.

Constantly adding to your LinkedIn will give you a chance to meet new people and create new job opportunities. Using these tips can help distinguish yourself from the millions of others using the site and catch that one recruiter’s eye.

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Ariana Salas