Hottest Job Industries to Be In Right Now

Each year thousands of surveys and studies of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data are done. This is often to try and pinpoint the best jobs and industries to be in for the current year. The “best” jobs tend to be determined by the fastest growth rates, lowest unemployment rates, and the highest salaries. This information can be beneficial to job seekers or those who are interested in a career change, to assist with focusing your search efforts by knowing which industries currently offer the greatest job opportunities or highest pay. It can also let us know what economic trends are currently playing out in the job market. Here are some of 2019’s hottest jobs & industries thus far:

Health Care

Health care is by far the field with the best job outlook this year. In fact, ten out of the top thirteen best jobs are in health care, including jobs such as Physician Assistants, Nurse Anesthetists, Pediatricians, and Dentists, among several others. This is primarily because of health care’s very low unemployment rates (0.4-1.1%), and high salaries (from $83,200- $208,000). Experts predict there will be great demand for health care jobs such as these for many years to come, in fact many experts are calling health care a “future-proof” industry.


The tech industry is one that has massively expanded in the past few years, and this year it holds the top job: Software Developer. The median salary for a software developer is $101,790, with an unemployment rate of only 1.9%. Cybersecurity is another sector within the tech industry that is becoming increasingly important as more businesses develop practices that include collecting, sharing, and using digital data. Average annual salaries in the U.S. are around $90,000, and the jobs tend to have strong job security. Jobs in this sector include Security Architects, Penetration Testers, Information Security Analysts, and Chief Information Security Officers.

Renewable Energy

The renewable-energy sector has become increasingly important in the past few years, as more focus is being put on efforts to curb global warming trends through human intervention. The International Renewable Energy Agency indicated that global jobs in this sector increased to more than 10 million for the first time in 2018, and there is expected to be 28 million jobs in the industry by 2050. Private investment is also beginning to focus heavily on renewable energy, as seen with companies such as Google, Lowe’s, and Exxon Mobile committing to user greater amounts of renewable energy. The American Council on Renewable Energy estimates indicate that U.S. private investment in renewable energy could reach over $1 trillion between now and 2030.


The analytics industry is growing massively across all market sectors with its principles being applied to many different components of business such as Sales, Marketing, and HR. Last year the industry was valued at $166 billion and it will only continue to grow. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that by 2020, there will be 2.2 million data and analytics-related jobs in the US. Some of the job areas within analytics with the highest growth rates are Statisticians, Data Scientists, Operations Analysts, and Human Resource Analysts.


The insurance industry is one that’s interested in hiring new, young talent, which can be good news for those of you that are millennial job seekers. Insurance is also a very broad field encompassing many areas, from health to travel, etc. The average salaries of the top insurance jobs are seen to be well above baseline. In fact two of the best jobs of this year are in the insurance industry. The first is an Insurance Broker, with an average salary of $86, 498 and three-year job growth (increase in job postings from 2015-2018) of 242%. The second is Insurance Advisor, with an average salary of $81, 479, and job growth of 190%. A recent report from Deloitte found that the insurance market is growing due to economic growth, higher investment income, and rising interest rates. The report also predicted 2019 to be a “banner year” for the sector.

Based on these many surveys and reports, it’s clear there is a great, solid diversity of hot jobs and industries right now. It seems that employers are looking to fill positions across many different functions, which can be good news for those seeking a career change, or those just starting out in one of these industries.

Ariana Salas