CRA Senior Analyst / Officer

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Job Identification Number: 411

Location: New York, NY

Job Type: Direct Hire

Job Category: Financial Services

Qualified candidates, please attach resume when applying.


The CRA Officer ensures compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) by monitoring the regulations for changes and reviewing loans and data reports for accuracy.  Responsibilities include HMDA and CRA analysis and reporting as well as for supporting the Bank’s efforts as it relates to community development initiatives and activities. This includes all or portions of data collection, validation/documentation, analysis and reporting efforts related to HMDA, small business lending, and community development lending, investments-donations, and services. The Senior Analyst / Officer must be proficient at interpreting, analyzing and understanding CRA exam performance expectations and with interpreting new guidance/regulations for CRA/ HMDA and potential impact. The Senior Analyst  / Officer must provide oversight to ensure that the appropriate documentation is collected and maintained so that the Bank receives the maximum credit for all qualified activities. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Administer and oversee the daily operation of the Bank’s CRA program, maintain CRA documentation, and provide appropriate CRA training, as needed.

  • Coordinate CRA and HMDA data integrity reviews for reporting and data accuracy

  • Manage the annual CRA/HMDA submission process.

  • Review reports, data, and individual loans to ensure all CRA reportable loans have been identified as such and have the required information

  • Tracks and analyzes the Bank’s lending, investments and community development services to ensure the Bank meets the needs of the communities the Bank serves, including those of low- moderate income people and neighborhoods. 

  • Utilize CRA Wiz software to produce CRA performance reports for Lending (Community Development, HMDA, & Small Business) and maps.

  • Oversee and manage the Bank’s CRA volunteer/services program and administer the database.

  • Serve as the liaison and manage and direct the Bank’s community related initiatives and charitable efforts as established by the Bank’s foundation.

  • Perform CRA self-assessments and establish CRA goals. Collect and build economic, demographic, and performance data to ensure that the Bank’s CRA objectives and performance goals are met.

  • Manage internal partnerships and relationships with various business units as it relates to CRA and the Bank’s foundation related activities and goals. 

  • Participate in the quarterly CRA Committee meetings, including the preparation of committee materials, reports and dashboard information.

  • Ensures company visibility is established and promotes relationships with groups, agencies and nonprofit organizations in the community to identify CRA related lending, investment, and service opportunities. Explores and evaluates the current and future credit needs of the community and develops a strong understanding of the local issues and needs.

  • Actively monitors public programs that support community development initiatives.

  • Initiates policy changes or program enhancements to ensure compliance with Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and other regulations. Makes recommendations to help increase CRA related lending, investment, donations and volunteer activities. 


Successful candidates must have 5+ years specifically overseeing the analysis and reporting on HMDA-CRA compliance activities, compliance assessments, regulatory examinations, and/or other audit-related activities. CRCM designation is a plus and a high proficiency with CRA Wiz is a must

If qualified, please send resumes to  Please put your Name and “CRA Senior Analyst / Officer” in the subject line and attach your resume in word document or PDF.  Also include contact information, salary requirements and highlight specific experience in the digital payment space as a product manager in the body of the email.