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America’s got talent…and it’s on the move

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

While the ultimate economic results of the debt deal remain to be seen, one thing is and has been certain: there will continue to be movement among employees who are actively seeking change.

A pre-debt deal survey by Mercer Consulting from June showed that nearly 1 in 3 employees was actively looking for new work and another 21% were dissatisfied with their employers.

While the number currently seeking employment is down from Right Management’s December 2010 survey of 84%, Mercer’s overall sample size was almost 20 times larger globally and nearly twice as large in the US…and also did not likely draw from a search firm’s candidate database (Right Management is the consulting division of staffing giant Manpower – who we are sure doesn’t mind us pointing this out, ahem).  Of course, Right’s survey was well in advance of the debt deal.

Notwithstanding the surveys (or the debt deal, for that matter), 2 million people quit their jobs in May, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics figures cited in a Bloomberg article yesterday, contending that confidence in the economy is the driver of that particular bus.

While we await last month’s BLS Employment Situation release tomorrow, one thing is certain: jobs are changing hands, irrespective of Howie Mandel.


Modding Dodd-Frank

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Seems like Dodd-Frank rules are changing almost as soon as they become law lately…

The SEC extended the registration deadline for certain hedge funds while Reuters reported the FDIC clarified previously vague executive compensation “clawback” provisions that allow for recovery of up to 2 years worth of past compensation from executives at failed financial institutions.

With the most widely read “brief” summary of Dodd-Frank from Davis Polk coming in at 117 pages of text, is it any wonder that the Economist ran a feature article on the now white hot Management Consulting industry?  With things changing so quickly, it’s no wonder outside expertise is being sought.

Concordantly, we expect to see continued hiring of subject matter experts, business analysts and project managers in support of Dodd-Frank-related initiatives within Human Resources, Operations and Compliance/Regulatory within Banking, Insurance, Asset Management and Capital Markets, and in particular with Management Consulting firms and other vendors supporting those efforts.


Talent is talent

Friday, September 17th, 2010

I came to this business after spending years as a human resources practitioner.  Talent is hard to find in any job market and matching that talent so that it’s the right person, for the right job, at the right price and time is difficult in every economic climate.  Excluding someone because they happen to be between jobs is not good business.  While we cannot change the world, we believe we do our part, one job and one candidate at a time.  ~BG

Getting back to “normal”?

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Employers are hiring, but there is a lot less “slack” in the candidate pool for certain areas of employment.  However, there are a lot of misconceptions out there.  Companies are often under the impression that there are more candidates whose backgrounds fit their needs than there really are and candidates are a bit more fearful about changing positions than they used to be.  We are seeing openings that would have been filled more quickly in less uncertain times stay open longer – usually because the Company is waiting for the “ideal” candidate.  It’s going to take a bit more time, but little by little we are sensing a return to “normalcy” whatever that is.