Another thing Mom always said

We’re big fans of some of the advice Mom gave us as kids here at Rockwood.  That included sending thank-you notes – even to Aunt Clara for the world’s most unwearable pajamas she gave us one year.

Within the job search, a similar follow up regimen highlighted in this blog may not always be helpful in preventing more bunny suits, but Mom’s Rules still apply – for the “gift” of an interview, sending a thank-you note is a good idea.

Just like the blog in the link above, we recommend sending a thank-you note after an interview – but just like the blog, we continue to emphasize that accuracy is of the utmost importance.  Getting a business card from the people you’ve interviewed with is a great start, but if one is not available asking for correct spelling and title is fine at the conclusion of the interview.

Unlike the blog, though, the typical approach we suggest is example-driven – an opening sentence like the one shown in the link is good, but any points made about your qualifications are best proven through statements of directly relevant experience: “You mentioned in the interview that recruiting was a big part of the role; I am excited about being able to leverage my 20 years of recruiting experience in search firm and Human Resources environments for [company].”

We typically suggest making 2 or 3 points that link statements made by the interviewer to your experience – it both shows the interviewer you were listening and gives you a chance to “double up” on connecting the dots for interviewers.  The letter should be brief and to the point – exhaustive reviews of your qualifications will likely not be read.

The call afterwards – 3-5 days was suggested in the blog – should be handled on a case-by-case basis.  If an interviewer tells you there’s still 2 weeks before the manager is back, you might consider waiting longer.   

We must also admit that we have sometimes only breezed through thank-you notes ourselves – but a well-written thank you note with an appropriately-timed follow up call has never harmed the process, and many times reminds us of action steps we need to take.

Thanks, Mom.



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